Pastoral Care

AVIS prides itself on providing individual pastoral care of the highest quality. The welfare of the pupils and their safety at school is our first priority.

The well-being of pupils lies at the heart of any school, and the welfare of the pupils at AVIS is our number one priority.  The essence of our pastoral care lies in getting to know our pupils very well and to tailor their support to meet pupils individual needs.

We are very much aware that, during their time at school, some pupils come to rely very heavily upon the support, guidance and direction they find in the school and we are prepared to meet every pupil’s need.


Our Tutor System

Our tutors foster our pupils’ personal, cultural and social development. At AVIS, the role of the Tutor is central to a rounded AVIS Experience. Tutors are assigned to each class and are an integral part of the pupils’ lives. Tutors thus make a vital contribution to the school’s pastoral provision and ensure that every child has an adult, overseeing their holistic development, taking a close interest in them as long as they are in their care in their assigned class.

The roles of Tutor and a subject teacher overlap: although a tutor has ultimate responsibility for the pupils in their class, the Tutor also assists the class teacher in overseeing the pupils academic progress and fostering their development and general well-being. The Tutor is also an important point of contact for parents who may wish to raise issues or concerns about their child.

AVIS believes in equal opportunity for everyone irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age, belief, disability, or social demographic background. AVIS offers a heartily welcoming place and a genuine sense of belonging for our community: all pupils, all staff and all families; without exception, without exclusion. We are a community where everyone is supported by knowing their intrinsic value. Establishing this culture of acceptance, diversity and inclusion is essential to AVIS.

Delivered by our Masters, Dames boys, girls and occasional guest speakers, the assembly programme enables pupils to engage with a range of rich topics and ideas in the mornings before class starts. (This should be a creative heading with the AVIS blue as background). This is not the traditional assembly. Every pupil in the school attends assemblies with an outcome of getting inspired on themes ranging from honesty, kindness, integrity and harnessing our value system as a school. There are three assemblies each week. Friday mornings are reserved for additional interaction with Tutors for all pupils to have an open and frank conversation to address issues that affect them.

After AVIS

AVIS offers high quality support to pupils applying for further studies. The vast majority of our pupils will go on to higher education.

Our pupils are introduced to AVIScare – our unique continuity, career and higher education pathways programme held every year, which is a focal point for school continuity planning and discussion during a yearly school conference.