Entry To AVIS

Everyone at AVIS works hard to create an exciting, stimulating and caring environment, to enable each pupil to reach their full potential. All our pupils are also expected to make their own contribution to school life. To achieve this we have developed an admissions process which looks at a pupil’s current and potential academic ability as well as whether they will be happy in our school environment.

A pupil may be registered up until 30 August of the school year he/she turns the required age for his or her class.

Assessment for a Conditional Place

All pupils from Key Stage 2 sit the AVIS Common Pre-Tests (ACPT) during August, either at the school or at an agreed centre. We will also request a Head Teacher’s report covering a child’s academic strengths, interests, and character.

Each child’s score is standardised and age-adapted to give a measure of their ability and attainment irrespective of when their birthday falls in the academic year. The tests take about 60 minutes and is taken together or separately; more information is available in the Essential Information Document.

Entry Divisions

A pupil can be registered at any time up to 30 August when they turn the required age for their class, for example, for 2023 entry into Year 1, a pupil needs to be 5 years before or on 30 August 2023.

These are strict deadlines and requirements.