The Co-Curriculum

The AVIS experience combines the best in academic education with a holistic co-curricular programme designed to challenge our pupils and develop values and competencies to sustain them for life.

AVIS will always be about more than a limited educational experience. From its very origins music, creative arts and sport will be part of our pupils’ experience We believe that pupils learn as much, if not more, outside the classroom as they do inside it. Our aim is to ensure that the AVIS co-curriculum ensures that pupils develop a clear sense of values and leave the school with a range of competencies which will allow them to lead fulfilled and effective lives.

Community Engagement

We encourage our pupils to engage with the communities around them, helping in any way they can and thereby developing their character and learning more about the world.

AVIS is developing a programme of partnership with local schools, charities and other projects. This will form an integral part of the co-curricular timetable.

Our pupils participate
in the following
co-curricular programmes:


stimulating creativity through diverse art activities


Encouraging health and well-being through sports


facilitating the learning experience of pupils in all aspects of current theatre arts

Public Speaking

preparing pupils to speak with confidence


receiving specialist support to develop
their musical talents