Careers At AVIS

We are excited about your decision to join the AVIS Team. It’s important to us that you have what you need to present your best self during the application, assessment day, and interview process. At AVIS, we maintain a selective hiring process, where we want to learn more about your unique talents, achievements, and experiences.

The AVIS Hiring Process

Apply online by completing the form below. If we are satisfied with your experience and skills, we will invite you to an Assessment Day.

You will need to prepare for the Assessment Day.

On the Assessment Day, each applicant is asked to prepare a five-minute sample teaching lesson to deliver during the day. Applicants will also prepare to take a Subject knowledge Test (SKT), share a proposal (in presentation) about a case activity related to educational philosophies, intercultural themes, teamwork, and other disciplines. You’ll also respond to two scenarios (inside and outside the classroom) in writing.


Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions.


More info about Application

The interview is a distinctive part of the AVIS application process – a personal one-on-one conversation. Each interview will be 60 minutes in length. We understand that interviews can be a bit nerve-wracking. Rest assured, our interviewers are extremely conversational and are excited to meet you and learn more about you. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have too.

You’ll be notified of your acceptance 10 days after your interview.

After the notification, a AVIS staff member will contact you for a short follow-up phone conversation. We do this as part of preparation for training, onboarding and bonding activities and to gather additional information if necessary.

If not admitted into the team, after the interview, you’re welcome to re-apply in a subsequent opening. Should you reapply, you will need to complete a new online application as well as any additional required activities and interviews.

Once our hiring managers have identified a finalist, they will talk to the candidate’s references. This is to get another lens on the candidate’s strengths and areas of development.