Creating a Safe Space for our Pupils to Thrive.
We are happy that you are joining the journey to make children safe and happy in our classrooms, campus, and the community. Apple Valley International School has designed systems to ensure the welfare of pupils and visiting young  people both at AVIS and on authorised activities away from school, such as school trips and  other expeditions. 
We operate our processes with the best interests of the pupil at heart. We are proud to operate  a culture of safety, equality, and protection. We do this through:
  • the development of key operational policies (link to policies page)
  • building systems to ensure operationalisation of our policies.
  • employing staff with extraordinary qualities and dedication to children
  • securing our campus with the right security systems 
  • securing our children online
  • training staff in first aid and emergency handling
  • providing the resources and facilities to cater for all emergencies 
  • encouraging pupils to be open and frank about their concerns and providing support from the safeguarding team or other responsible adults in all child  protection matters.
  • providing pastoral care with excellence amongst others. 

AVIS has been designed to be a safe and happy place where children can benefit from a quality education.



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Creating a Safe Space for our Pupils to Thrive.
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Creating a Safe Space for our Pupils to Thrive.

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